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It doesn't matter how unique & cool your product line is! 79% of online shoppers will never buy from your site if it's carrying unprofessional flaws on its chest.

Especially in this age of cut-throat eCommerce, it isn’t easy to save your customers from abandoning you and buying from competitors who have a flawlessly maintained store or website? 

Because it's true! A fluid website is the foundation of a successful eCommerce. That's why for over 10 years, ‘Nethues Technologies’ has provided result-oriented Magento maintenance and support services. We've fixed websites with almost negligible conversions to reach a state of up to 5% every day.

Our in-house army of Magento 2 certified developers is versed with the complete Adobe Commerce cloud. They fix crippling websites, optimize them, test them, and turn them into high-performance revenue generation sales channels through our Magento maintenance services.

Proactive Maintenance & Support

– Expertly designed to fight modern day eCommerce Challenges

Online commerce can encounter over a hundred varieties of technical challenges. To help you narrow down the gap & find the best Magento maintenance solution, we have parted our expertise into two focus models.

A) Ongoing Magento Support

In this model, we provide you with a complete team of certified Magento developers.
Their job will be to keep an eye on your website/store and ensure its performance & stability remains intact.
  • Our Magento developers join forces with our UI/UX designers. They merge upcoming eCommerce trends with the current proclivities, to:-
    • Migrate your existing store to the latest Magento 2 version.
    • Overhaul its entire UI/UX matching general buyer psychology.
    • Set a magnetic layer of custom web design.
    • Build & Integrate conversion amplifying features.
    • Tune stout third-party systems into your store.
    • Evolve your website into a well-engineered shopping store.
  • You may not know, but three out of every five eCommerce stores encounter unexpected technical hurdles. To ensure yours' from such abrupt pain bullets, our team of qualified Magento engineers offers you:-
    • Database hosting and support
    • Web server downtime support
    • Magento PWA version updation support
    • Magento store security patch installation support
    • Third-party extension integration support
    • Backup configuration support
    • Performance acceleration support
    • Complete health-evaluation support
  • Since novice Magento developers have started experimenting with the platform, businesses today are experiencing severe technical & non-technical backlashes.
    To patch such extensive damages and develop a solid security parameter around our client's website/store, we adhere to strict code standards following security controls required by ISO 270001 certification and the DevSecOps approach.

    Our Magento 2 certified engineers firstly audit and review your complete website for vulnerabilities, then:-
    • Conduct a sharp malware scan
    • Escort your Magento to the latest version
    • Configure & stabilize the servers
    • Define user permissions
    • Activate two-factor authentication protocol
    • Whitelist IP addresses
    • Replace low-quality extensions with their better counterparts
    • Install present-day security patches
    • Formulate a fail-proof backup plan
    • Educate your employees regarding fraud-prevention strategies
    • Prepare a security health report for your business's safe & sound future
  • It often happens when we experience technical trouble but can't figure out what's causing it, right? Vulnerability Evaluation is the answer.

    Our Adobe Commerce (Magento) developers bring automated security monitoring & vulnerability identification processes into action, then prioritize the fragilities found in your entire eCommerce system to develop counteracting strategies against them.
  • Nobody knows when your online commerce might face a hacking penetration attack that can breach its complete pivotal data and privacy norms!

    To eliminate all such dreadful possibilities, we appoint a team of ethical hackers who perform vicious cyber-attacks on your eCommerce store to identify the vulnerabilities we need to fix to make your hard-earned business undoubtedly hack-proof.
  • Gone are the days when there were intricacies in identifying the roots of the problems.

    Nethues's strengthened team of Magento developers, UI/UX designers, Data Analysts, and Digital Marketers join forces with each other to help improvise your eCommerce business for an appealing digital presence, lasting brand influence, longer customer retention, and dramatically higher conversion.
  • Someone said it right - "Ecommerce is a game of teamwork."

    To help you ace your domain of services, our eCommerce specialists:-
    • Pilot your business in the direction of its goals.
    • Resolve workflow challenges by devising a smooth eCommerce operation environment.
    • Train your team to capitalize on their efforts for the ultimate growth of the business.

B) Emergency Control Magento Support

You may consider this particular model as an ambulance combined with an emergency ward for your eCommerce business.
In this, our Magento developers immediately respond to your calling and instantly implement strategically devised plans to pull your business out of its misery.
  • Within our 10 years of practice, we've seen numerous businesses fall on their face just because of not receiving instant remedies for their technical problems.

    Our engineers, thus, always keep their tools in their hands, with an Eveready mindset to serve you with:-
    • Website downtime/crash troubleshoot
    • Website page load error troubleshoot
    • Website visibility crash troubleshoot
    • Website hacking troubleshoot
    • Website backend cyber breach troubleshoot
  • You should know that when an eCommerce website gets hacked! The situation goes entirely berserk. It's because huge finances and your customers' pivotal data are involved, you need someone to take effective countermeasures instantly.

    The moment our team of eCommerce specialists is reported for a system hack, we urgently act like firefighters and suspend all banking & financial activities linked to your eCommerce platform.

    Afterward, we fix security firewalls, mutate passcodes, and evaluate hackers' action plans to develop a shatterproof shield for similar cyberattacks to happen in the future.
  • It's not just your audience, but Google too likes a website to load within 3 seconds. If this doesn't happen, it won't promote it to any potential online customer.

    To fix this forever, our Magento certified developers perform an in-depth website analysis to address and resolve the problem via intelligent performance optimization techniques.
  • What would be the point of installing a third-party module or extension if it doesn't perform as you imagined, right?

    Our Magento engineers firstly understand each particular plugin's requirements, then optimize your store accordingly, then integrate it again to perform swimmingly without throwing pesky errors.

20 minutes of delay could bring your business 20 months of irreversible pain!

Explore our customized support packages & ensure a happy eCommerce

Our Quick 5 Step Process for a Smooth
Support Solution

We have been serving companies, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and businesses of nearly all sizes for 20 straight years. Utilizing enough experience acquired from all, we've slimmed down our operational process into an effortless one.

Why choose Nethues for Magento Support
& Maintenance?

First! We have a trusted team of in-house Magento-certified developers. Second, eCommerce is what we have been practicing for the last 20 years. Third, being a multi-technology company, we have spread our wings across all emerging tools & libraries. And fourth, our quality is recognized not just across India but also in Europe and the United States.

Yet, if talking specifically about what makes our maintenance & support services unique in this crowded space of IT companies, then these are the characteristics:-

We are Adobe Commerce Evangelists

Experienced Developers

10+ Year

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Answers to Most Frequently Asked
Questions ft. Magento

  • Ans: Magento maintenance is a series of actions, strategies, and processes to fix troubled Adobe Commerce (Magento) stores and bring them back to their original performance & condition.
  • Ans: To ensure a flawless shopping or website user experience. Moreover, Magento support & maintenance services enhance your eCommerce business for its optimum performance & growth potential.
  • Ans: At the end of each periodic maintenance session, you will be provided the following reports by your dedicated Magento developer:-
    • Complete web-store health audit report.
    • Report of activities performed.
    • Precise report of tools, funds, and hours consumed.
    • A/B Testing report.
    • Last month’s performance improvement report.
  • Ans: Each developer at Nethues is 100% Magento certified. They are tested to perform risk-free version updates, platform migration, and module integration. 
    So, there's a negligible possibility of anything like this happening. Plus, each third-party module we integrate or version we update is only after thorough discussion within our team and post-approval from our Sr. Adobe Commerce (Magento) developers.
  • Ans: Our engineers follow contemporary defence practices to ensure the threat-proof security of your Magento store. Thus, these are a few of them:-
    • Modifying & optimizing code as per Adobe's guidelines.
    • Installing the latest security patches.
    • Activating two-factor authentication and secure firewall.
    • Cyber penetration testing.
    • Scanning all extensions & modules for threats & trojans.
    • Uninstalling suspicious plugins & feature sets.
    • Installing verified counterparts of your desired plugins.
    • Monitoring suspicious user activities like an alert security guard on patrol.
  • Ans: It depends on the challenge you are bringing on to our table. If the issue is severe and demands proper industry research, it may take up to 2 days. Otherwise, any regular query or problem like bug-fixing is solvable within a few hours.
  • Ans: That's the beauty of Adobe. It has made a dedicated maintenance mode available for Magento developers. When enabled, it allows our team to experiment, install, update or practice anything with your Magento store without compromising its uptime and continuous performance.
  • Ans: Of course you can. Since Magento is a globally used eCommerce CMS, it welcomes everybody with open arms looking to migrate either from WooCommerce, Big Commerce, Shopify, or any other website CMS.

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