On Wednesday 21st April 2021, Adobe & Magento have announced that the pioneer eCommerce platform Magento commerce is now a full-fledged member of the Adobe product range and will now only be known as Adobe Commerce.

This major shift occurs as Adobe approaches its third anniversary of the 1.68bn acquisition of Magento Commerce. However, the motive behind this was to upgrade the experience of Merchants, developers, and other associated players under one digital solutions umbrella of Adobe Experience Cloud.

Adobe also highlights its mission of using technology to connect and transform more merchants & businesses worldwide. They affirmed that it is much required today than ever to deliver a futuristic commerce experience.

It’s been three years since Adobe acquired Magento Commerce, and explain how exceptionally this product has added value to their brand cart.

After integrating their internal sales, product, and marketing teams within the Adobe Experience Cloud business unit and aligning their partner & developer experience efforts, unifying the two brands under one commerce roof is the next phase of integration.

This official consolidation of the licensed product Magento Commerce to the single brand of Adobe commerce does not put the Magento Open Source version at risk. Adobe says that the support for it will continue to remain the same.

Furthermore, they also confirmed to keep providing support to Magento & its entire Magento Community to unite, discover, share & explore commerce challenges with the same passion & diligence.

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It’s great to see Adobe nicely carrying its vision of providing advanced multichannel commerce with unmatched experience & marketing capabilities to promote customers with enhanced operations.

Moreover, Adobe’s investments in flexibility, security, intelligence, and expansion, benefit thousands of merchants, including start-ups, medium, and enterprise-level companies, whether B2B or B2C.

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Magento Commerce is now Adobe Commerce. What’s next to expect?

Knowing Adobe as a paragon for providing unparalleled digital solutions for years, experts have scarped some clues out of its press releases, community discussions, and social media posts regarding what new it could offer us to experience.

Of course, it is difficult to predict everything with certainty. Still, here are some anticipations:-

  • Adobe is making changes in Magento’s code, making sure it fits firmly with the Adobe system to offer more streamlined, scalable & solid eCommerce solutions.
  • Multiple utility features have already started to appear in Adobe Commerce. Adobe Sign, a tool to provide electronic signature functionality. Adobe Sensei to integrate machine learning abilities for better product search & recommendation. And at last, much better financial solutions will be there for merchants to grow their business because the company has partnered with WayFlyer.
  • Digital commerce will be even better for users as Magento will leverage opportunities from other tools in the Adobe Experience Ecosystem.
  • Another significant impact may cause when Magento 3 will appear with a set of unbelievable features.

Ecommerce is a sector majorly driven by what our audience is currently experiencing and how much better we can make that experience in the future. A thin gap between this is what’s called innovation.

With Magento Commerce becoming Adobe commerce, it’s a moment of extreme pride & excitement for Nethues Technologies. It would help our Magento certified developers to enrich their 10+ years of experience, with more resulting & impactful features.

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