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Ever heard of WordPress, Joomla and Drupal? Probably yes, as they are the most popular Content Management Systems build on PHP. But do you know the best CMS systems build on Node.js?

There are plenty of options available as Node.js is steadily becoming a popular web and mobile app development platform. The continuous interest of the programmers and organizations in Node.js has led to the development of a number of frameworks that can be used to make website creation and management a simplified job.

Here we’ll be discussing the top three Node.js Content Management Systems, their unique features and the reason why they are placed in this list. So, let’s explore:

KeyStone Js

Undoubtedly the best Nodejs CMS built till date, KeyStone JS is a complete and polished solution. Using Mongo DB it allows users to quickly get up their data-driven website running. After setting up the database all you need is to install the Yo-Generator and start working on the new project. You can even customize the application as per your requirements as KeyStone offers you the full freedom to do so. The features include inbuilt blogging system, authentication template, and an intuitive user interface that allows users to easily create new pages, add SEO tags and build custom URL’s. Know more about KeyStone JS through its website, read the documentation, check out some demos and get started.

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Next on the list is the Apostrophe which is a CMS generally used to create design-driven website. Describing it as a Front-end based CMS won’t be wrong as all the editing happens from the front end. Apostrophe dumps the traditional programmatic systems and provides a lot of freedom for clients to add whatever they want and wherever they want. The whole notion of Apostrophe is build around providing seamless editing to the end-user. It is a great option for businesses and start-ups who’re looking to build websites using Node.js but don’t want to get into the tricky details. A detailed documentation is provided by the developers of this CMS, helping people to use it with a minimal learning curve.

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Lats but not least, Calipso is a simple yet effective CMS, built along similar themes to Drupal and WordPress. Designed to be fast, flexible and simple, it is probably the best appeal to sites that don’t plan on having a lot of media content being published on them.

Calipso uses a modular approach to delivering the functions you would expect from a CMS. All core features, excluding bootstrapping, theming and forms are provided by modules (and these may well be factored out into modules at some point in the future).

Hopefully, now you have a better knowledge about the top Nodejs based Content Management Systems. Pick the platform that suits your site needs and share your requirements with us to deliver an enhanced user experience by harnessing the power of Node.js.

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