NativePHP is a recently introduced PHP web development framework for desktop application development. The framework is ideal for developing cross-platform applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. 

However, NativePHP has been developed to offer quick development of projects involving the Laravel framework. Currently, it is not an independent PHP framework for building websites or desktop apps. 

What is NativePHP?

NativePHP is not just a mere PHP framework. Rather, it combines several useful elements like classes, abstractions, and various other tools that help quickly develop cross-platform desktop applications, web apps, native desktop apps, etc. The development tools available with NativePHP let you bundle the application with Electron or Tauri browser environments. It also has a static PHP runtime that lets you run applications over any user’s system. 

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Clearing Misconceptions about NativePHP

As NativePHP is a new framework, there is various confusion about what it offers for web development. Although it has a collection of handy features, it lacks several aspects of web development.

Following are some important aspects of NativePHP:

  • It only supports Laravel for now.
  • The framework is not a GUI framework.

It does not control the app development process or influence the use of specific toolkits. This provides greater flexibility in the web development process. Each project is unique and must have specific technology tools for building seamless solutions. Hire dedicated PHP developers to build high-quality web solutions with a customized technology stack at Nethues.

What’s in the Box?

NativePHP provides users with several handy features:

  • Window management
  • Menu management
  • File management
  • Database support (SQLite)
  • Native notifications

What can You Build with NativePHP?

NativePHP can be used to build a range of business and user-centric applications. The PHP framework can be deployed in any web application development project being built with Laravel. 

Whether you want to build a simple static website or a complex enterprise-level application, NativePHP can help you complete the Laravel project faster with several handy features.

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Examples of Using NativePHP

Example1 – Creating a Window

PHP developers can create a new window in NativePHP by simply using the – Window class. 

use NativePhp\Window;

$window = new Window([

    ‘width’ => 600,

    ‘height’ => 400,

    ‘webPreferences’ => [

        ‘nodeIntegration’ => true,




In the above example, we are developing a new window with a width of 600 pixels and a height of 400 pixels. We are also generating Node.js integration into the web apps. 

At last, we are also loading a local URL into the Window we are developing.

Example2 – Developing a Menu

NativePHP allows users to create a Menu using the Menu class.

use NativePhp\Menu;

use NativePhp\MenuItem;

$menu = new Menu();

$menu->append(new MenuItem([

    ‘label’ => ‘NewFile’,

    ‘submenu’ => [


            ‘label’ => ‘Open’,

            ‘click’ => function () {

                echo ‘Open clicked’;




            ‘label’ => ‘Save’,

            ‘click’ => function () {

                echo ‘Save clicked’;






In the above example, we are generating a new menu and adding a NewFile menu. 

Why Use NativePHP?

There are several reasons why you must use NativePHP for developing desktop applications or to build native apps. The significant benefits of using the NativePHP application are:

1. Simple to Use

NativePHP has been developed over the top of the Laravel framework. PHP developers proficient in the Laravel framework will find it easier to learn and master the NativePHP framework.

2. Robust Features

The availability of several valuable classes and abstractions makes creating desktop applications using NativePHP convenient.

3. Suitable for a Wide Range of Use

The NativePHP framework is suitable for developing web apps like eCommerce, CMS, B2B & B2C solutions, dynamic websites, etc. 

4. Community Support

The PHP community support is growing, and developers are rapidly adopting it. So you can easily find consistent help in case you get stuck.

Leveraging NativePHP in your Laravel development projects will help you with quicker web development cycles. The framework has been designed to help PHP developers working on Laravel-based web and app development solutions. 

Wrapping Up

Whether you are building a website or mobile app, having the right technology partners on your side is essential. Otherwise, you will develop low-quality web solutions that fail to connect with the target audience.

Nethues Technologies is a trusted PHP development company in India, delivering high-quality solutions for over two decades. We customize specific business solutions with the latest technology tools.

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