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Searching for experts to upgrade your eCommerce store from Magento 1 to Magento 2? You've reached the right place. But we hope you know that the Magento upgrade is not a one-tap process. It requires planning, discipline, and years of experience to complete the operation safely without server downtime, data damage, organic SEO loss, and version incompatibility issues. After all, your business will get so much performance, security, and fluidity with the latest Magento 2 upgrade. As people say, always play safer when the reward is bigger. That's why Nethues offer the safest Magento upgrade service that a certified Magento 2 developer himself performs. We have been a Magento upgrade service provider for over 10 years. Our team knows what technicalities to look for, which official process to follow, and how carefully to upgrade to Magento 2 so your eCommerce business can get the maximum out of the upgrade. We have been serving eCommerce SMEs for nearly 20 years now. People's trust in our Magento experts made us one of India's most preferred Magento development & upgrade servicing agencies.

How do Nethues offer the most seamless Magento Upgrade service?

People acknowledge the expertise of our developers, but we call it their years of practice. Our team has upgraded over 50 Magento stores from version 1 to 2. We too, weren't perfect at the start. But we polished our strategies and skills to offer one of the best-in -breed Magento upgrade services across the nation.
  • 100% Magento Certified

    Magento Certified

    Our developers and QA engineers are certified Magento 2 developers, which means they are the right professionals you need for this job.
  • Strict Adobe Followers

    Strict Adobe Followers

    Since Magento is an Adobe product, we only follow Adobe’s officially recommended upgrade process to ensure your site is not compromised.
  • Versed in both Magento Versions

    Versed in both Magento Versions

    Years and years of practice with Magento have made us pure experts in all its enterprise and community versions.
  • 30 Days Free Support Insurance

    30 Days Free Support Insurance

    Generally, it doesn't require, but we still offer a whole month of free support & maintenance insurance to our clients if they need it.
  • Confirmed Data Security

    Confirmed Data Security

    Our secure & disciplined approach always help us provide our clients with a 100% guarantee of data security during the Magento upgrade.
  • Best with Commitments

    Best with Commitments

    We value time as the biggest asset for an eCommerce business, thus always sticking to our commitments when delivering a task or project.

Our Step by Step Magento 2 Upgrade Process

We have been serving companies, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and businesses of nearly all sizes for 20 straight years. Utilizing enough experience acquired from all, we've slimmed down our operational process into an effortless one.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Our Magento Upgrade Services

  • Ans: Yes, whether custom or marketplace integrated, our team can upgrade your Magento extensions without affecting their working pattern.
  • Ans: Yes, our team takes a secure backup of your product catalogue and data to re-upload it later after the upgrade process. Though we could do it other way, we don't like taking unnecessary chances.
  • Ans: There is not a particular timeline. It all depends on the store type and its functionalities. A customised store requires more caution and time than a template-based Magento store.
  • Ans: Yes, absolutely! Our developers will provide you with a basic blueprint of the process and show you a demo preview, so your doubts and queries do not arise amidst the process.
  • Ans: Internal Linking to Magento Migration page
  • Ans: Shifting your business from one platform to another is a different process. We call it 'Magento Migration'. And yes! We do that too. You can learn more about it here.

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