Developing a new PrestaShop eCommerce store is exciting. Yet, there are aspects that you must examine and fix to have a profitable eCommerce.

Considering that, have you also given a thought to hiring a PrestaShop developer who can help you increase your PrestaShop sales and conversion? An expert who can take care of everything it takes for your webshop to thrive? If yes, you’re not alone.

Many PrestaShop owners assume that they can succeed with a good product & pricing. But, an online store demands more than that to be successful.

This blog post has revealed – 11 practical tips to increase your Prestashop Store sales & improve ROI (Return On Investment). It is essential to generate higher sales & conversions for your online brand to prevail in the eCommerce business vertical you dwell in.

At the same time, to boost your PrestaShop sales and conversion, you need to identify what’s causing low conversion rates and fix them.

We have also shared some tips to improve your PrestaShop conversion rate. But first, let’s get a clear understanding of this term.

What is a Conversion Rate?

The ecommerce conversion rate is the proportion of people who click on your ecommerce site or landing page that converts or accomplishes the desired action.

Conversion actions can be defined in various ways, including clicking a link on your site, filling out a form or survey, adding items to an online shopping cart, signing up for an email newsletter, or subscribing to a service.

The conversion rate percentage is the fraction of a company’s online purchases that are converted into sales. To figure out the conversion rate for your ecommerce firm, divide your total number of conversions by your total number of website visitors and multiply by 100. When calculating your average conversion rate, you may also use the number of visitor sessions rather than people who visit your ecommerce sites.

What is a good eCommerce conversion rate, and how to check if you are doing fine?

eCommerce conversion rates vary from 1% to 4%, so if you are within those ranges or even exceed them, you can be certain that you have a good eCommerce conversion rate.

You may use this simple eCommerce conversion rate formula to calculate the actual conversion rate for your PrestaShop store

eCommerce conversion rate = Number of Store Transactions/Number of Website Visits x 100

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How to improve the conversion rate in eCommerce?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to conversion rate optimization. Conversion rate averages are dependent on your sector and are always shifting. Instead, the most effective approach to increase conversions is to research and understand as much as you can about your target consumers and current site visitors.

Collect data and customer feedback on the traffic sources and acquisition channels to your sites or landing pages, as well as which platforms and devices your visitors utilize, how many repeat visits they make to your ecommerce site, and so on.

Conducting A/B testing is another useful technique eCommerce companies use for determining which design elements and copy styles (such as the call to action wording) your target consumers find most appealing. Collecting these data will let you adapt your product strategy to fit your customers’ needs, fine-tuning your approach to product offerings.

We are confident you have understood what an eCommerce conversion rate is. Now, let’s move toward the tips to improve the online sales for webshops built on your particular type of eCommerce, i.e., PrestaShop.

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Tip 1: Make your PrestaShop Aesthetically appealing

Visitors won’t stick around on an eCommerce website that takes too long to load or isn’t visually appealing. The key to drawing and retaining them is having a well-designed Prestashop site that is aesthetically pleasing. People who get amazed by your webshop user interface are more inclined to buy and become paying customers. Apart from that, you must make sure that your webshop navigation, aka UX, is simple and straightforward.

It’s also critical to maintaining uniformity in the designs and color schemes of your webshop pages. The categories in each section should be simple to navigate and easy to understand so that visitors may find exactly what they are looking for. You may enhance the overall quality of your PrestaShop by utilizing warm colors and high-resolution pictures and videos.

Tip 2: Stay consistent with a communication plan

To develop a loyal customers base, the most successful eCommerce sites maintain excellent communication with their audience. You may encourage more clients by requesting visitors to subscribe to emails regarding discounts, promotions, or newsletters. It can assist you with additional purchases while requiring considerably less effort than promoting your business on your own. Customers will feel invested in your community as a whole. Good communication also aids in the speedy resolution of difficulties, which helps to improve the store’s reputation. Earning customers’ confidence may help you anticipate long-term interaction with them.

Tip 3: Simplify your cart checkout process

Your customers may become irritated by an excessively complicated checkout procedure. They will not buy your products if they cannot trust the checkout process. To ensure that customers can finish the process, keep the shipping information and check out on the same page. The checkout process must be secure, and customers should not be concerned about giving out their credit card information.

Tip 4: Harness the power of social media

Social media interaction may improve eCommerce sales, client communication, and other things. You must be active on social media nowadays as a brand. Not only can engaging with your audience help you increase sales (30% of customers say they buy immediately through social media), but it can also boost exposure and create customer loyalty. There are plenty of PrestaShop modules that assist you in connecting your ecommerce site to these various social networks and make it easier to achieve your business goals.

Tip 5: Never undervalue the reviews

After making the final purchase, many consumers look for product reviews and ratings. Reviews are useful and maybe the last push to get visitors to become customers. On the other hand, buyers appreciate hearing about a product from someone else. Furthermore, reviews provide new content and help you rank naturally on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Tip 6: Put on some SEO friendly content

Being listed in Google search results is key to improving your webshop’s visibility and, ultimately, sales. And for that, creating SEO-friendly content about the Prestashop store items and related subjects may help you rank higher. It’s best to incorporate a Google search-friendly headline and optimize the article with keywords. You may also use meta descriptions, to sum up, the post’s content.

Above shared tips are proven to increase your PrestaShop’s sales. If you follow them sincerely, there’s no chance of you falling behind in sales and conversions.

The tips we will continue further focus on improving your PrestaShop’s conversion rate. We will also list modules to help you actionize these tips more effectively and effortlessly.

Yet, before proceeding, you should check out this article written by our certified PrestaShop developer: Why are modules necessary for PrestaShop store.

Tip 7: Hook your audience with a creative newsletter

A newsletter strategy costs very little, but it can significantly impact your PrestaShop’s conversion if done correctly. It’s an inexpensive method with respectable profit margins.

Whatever your objective with your newsletter (loyalty, relaunching, etc.), you may use it to convey your message better and gain valuable information about the campaign’s performance (numbers of clicks, open rate, bounce rate, conversion rate, etc.).

There are several PrestaShop Newsletter modules that can assist you in managing how your newsletters are delivered and what they include: it’s entirely up to you!

Tip 8: Turn your PrestaShop completely into a sales machine

It’s critical to concentrate on your online presence to maximize revenue throughout the sales cycle. The number of online purchases during sales has been rising for many years.

There are also new trends such as click and collect, paying in installments, and purchasing through mobile apps. As a merchant, you must be focused on improving customer satisfaction by meeting their demands while also taking advantage of digital marketing to introduce as many commercial activities as possible, such as cross-selling.

Thanks to the PrestaShop Average Cart Booster module on the marketplace. You may quickly and effectively turn your website into a sales machine with it.

Tip 9: Focus on reducing the cart abandonment rate

With the right tools, you can retain up to 25% of visitors who are about to leave your page. One of an e-merchant’s worst enemies is abandoned shopping carts.

You can preserve up to 25% of your customers who are about to leave your site if you have the right add-ons installed. Shopping carts that are abandoned are one of the PrestaShop sellers’ worst challenges.

However, don’t worry: it doesn’t mean that you can’t convert these people into customers. You may use abandoned shopping cart reminders, popups before leaving the site, or special offer popups with discounts to urge visitors to finish their purchases.

PrestaShop has a variety of interesting modules to fight this issue and help boost your eCommerce conversion rate with ease.

Tip 10: Keep engagement ‘ON’ with a wishlist feature

Adding items directly to your buyer’s wishlist may help you increase sales while providing a positive buying experience. It’s a must-have essential for PrestaShop merchants.

This choice has several benefits for both the seller and consumer. It allows online shoppers to save goods and return to make purchases whenever they choose, providing a better customer experience.

This little feature surely helps you increase sales and improve your conversion rate. Here are some of the PrestaShop modules that may be used to easily integrate this critical function into your site with minimal work.

Tip 11: Educate and entertain your audience with trends

Blogging is an excellent method to promote your business and increase visitors. It offers several benefits, including increasing traffic and sales and encouraging people to promote your articles on social media. It is simple to connect a blog to your online store using PrestaShop: there is likely at least one that is designed for you, with over 40 different blog-based modules to choose from!


We are confident that you will find these tips helpful in improving your PrestaShop sales.

If not, don’t worry! Our team of certified PrestaShop developers is here to help. Being a PrestaShop partner agency, you may explore our PrestaShop support services and find exclusive resources you need to start seeing an increase in conversions and sales.

Thanks for reading!

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