Adobe has announced the end of life for Magento Commerce 2.3. Its support is coming to an end, and we want you to stay prepared for this change!

As a Magento customer, you should always keep yourself on top of any changes with the release.

You must know that not all your modules, plugins, and security features will work as they have in previous versions.

(For better understanding, you may refer to the updated Magento life cycle policy )

Well, this is not happening for the first time! Remember when Adobe announced the end of life for Magento 1? It was a big daunting notice for many online sellers.

Though many Adobe merchants took that lightly and continued their services on Magento 1, unfortunately, it made them suffer irreversible damages.

Therefore, if you are an Adobe Commerce seller, then it is a must for you to know, and must for a Magento specialist agency like ours to educate you with what happens with Magento 2.3 end of life.

However, long released in July 2020, Magento 2.4 is the action live now. Yet, many people are still using the previous version 2.3 without giving all this any serious attention.

This article aims to alert you with the consequences of not upgrading your Magento store and educate you on how existing Adobe Commerce sellers can smartly dodge this unexpected elimination wave.

So, keep following the words

Goodbye to new updates

Well, this is pretty obvious! Why would a company invest its capital & energy in supporting its products’ obsolete versions right?

Similarly, stores still running on Magento 2.3 won’t be receiving any new official updates from Adobe.

These updates are more like insurance that keeps your store flawless, reinforced with hack-prevention security patches and code tweaks for better harmony with new plugins, extensions, and modules.

Removal of Developers’ Docs

Documentation is a developer’s encyclopedia. Whenever there’s an issue or confusion with software, the official documentation is the perfect spot to find the answers.

With Magento 2.3 end of support, Adobe will remove all documentations of it. It means your Magento developer won’t be able to find a reliable fix for your online store.

Though there are many third-party makeshifts to get the job done, the vulnerabilities attached to them aren’t worth taking the risk.

Unlock New Possibilities with Magento Upgrade

Marketplace becomes graveyard

Adobe consistently keeps its Magento Marketplace refreshed with new plugins, extensions, add-ons, themes, and modules.

The only catch is that no Adobe commerce store running on an unsupported Magento version can access these perks.

Since everything Adobe develops is optimized to serve the latest Magento version, the entire marketplace feels like a graveyard to stores on older editions.

Moreover, continuous use of un-updated plugins, themes, and extensions, will further mess with your store’s other functionalities as well.

Performance Breakdowns

As mentioned about the updates above, performance breakdowns are similar to it.

It wouldn’t be right to deny that brands slow down their older software versions to get the newer ones in the limelight.

Back to the days when many of our customers were using Magento 1 even after a long period of releasing the Magento 2, they reported unexpected website crashes and traffic instability.

It happens because the server your store is sitting on stops smoothly synthesizing with your eCommerce platform’s existing version.

Consequently, you see a downfall in performance, SEO rankings, and ultimately revenue because of the poor user experience on your website/store.

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No more support tickets

This one actually sounds harsh, my friend!

Adobe first warns its users. And those who don’t obey their terms must be ready to face their brutality.

Adobe red-flags businesses on unsupported Magento versions to not be given any support by the official Magento team.

Now companies don’t take this as much of a concern, especially when they have a talented Magento certified developer on their side.

But, it is advisable to take this matter seriously because not having official support tickets can put your business at risk of irreversible damages.

Best way to prevent ‘End of Support’ risks

Delaying the upgrade process is nothing but stretching your time from inevitable.

You would ultimately have to upgrade your Magento version if you have long-term goals to achieve.

Today, this Magento 2.3 may not seem like a considerable risk for your eCommerce, but its long run consequences are described to you above.

So, the only, best, and safest way to prevent ‘Magento 2.3 end of support’ risks is to join forces with an experienced Adobe Commerce Magento agency.

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6 irresistible reasons to work with an Adobe Commerce (Magento) specialist agency

✔ Broad team of official Magento Certified Developers.

✔ 100% transparency in the workflow.

✔ Active communication with zero-delaying in adopting measures.

✔ Access to Adobe’s exclusive Magento add-ons & perks.

✔ Post project delivery maintenance & free support.

✔ Fair pricing models

Closing thoughts!

You may be asking yourself how you’ll manage the update process without a Magento partnered agency!

Well, at Nethues, we have a team of Magento-certified developers holding extensive exposure and years of practice with this platform.

We can help your Adobe commerce store transition to the latest Magento version seamlessly, without a single scratch on its data, privacy, search engine rankings, and functionalities.

Our team also offers FREE growth consultations for those who want to move forward but are unsure which way is best.

Contact us today & skyrocket your Adobe commerce in the right direction.

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