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No developer likes to code the old-school way these days. Approaching deadlines, pending projects and ambitions urges them to look out for development tools for a quick and fast development process.

Tools not only make way for speedy or easy development but quality development as well. Luckily, AngularJS takes care of this in the most amazing way. It offers a huge number of tools including text editors, IDEs, debugging, development and testing aids. This not only proves to be a helping hand for developers but make Angular a preferred choice. Angular developer not using such tools is obstructing himself from leveraging the full potential of AngularJS.

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So, here is the list of 5 best AngularJS tools to help you with a speedy, easy and quality development.


Coding requires utmost attention; failing which might have adverse impacts. There are chances of errors or bugs and a need to keep all the code and related data in perfect order. Therefore, the first category of Angular development tools is for coding.


Built by JetBrains as an IDE, WebStorm is suited for JavaScript as well as HTML and CSS. It has a perfect live editorial manager which enables you to see your coding being live without visiting or refreshing your page.

Further, this tool conveys module packages even before importing the Angular script of your project.

  • Intelligent Code Completion
  • On-the-Fly Angular-specific Error Detection
  • Powerful Navigation
  • Smart Choice for Complex Client-Side Development
  • Best for Server-Side Development with Node.js


Aptana is an open source IDE based studio where Angular developers can code websites. It is actually the base version of Eclipse concentrating on JavaScript, HTML, CSS and other web services. To use Aptana for Angular support, you simply have to add the AngularJS Eclipse extension from the Eclipse Marketplace.

  • Deployment Wizard to Deploy Projects UsingProtocols
  • Git Integration for Managing and Controlling Source Code

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is one of the best cross-platform source code editors with Python application-programming interface. The powerful API and package ecosystem of this customizable editor is a treat to developers. It enables developers to edit two locations in a single file simultaneously and supports split screen editing for faster coding.

  • “Goto Anything” for An Instant Jump to A Specific Line or Word
  • “Goto Definition” for Getting Information by Just hovering Over the Symbol
  • “Command Palette” for Syntax Changing, Shortingand Indentation Setting Changes
Discover the Must-Have Tools for AngularJS Developers.


After coding is done, testing is one of the most crucial steps of the project development cycle. It helps in detecting errors or bugs and working on them to provide a seamless user experience.


With tools like Karma, this process becomes easy and fast. It supports unit, E2E and midway testing so that you can try to simulate your projects on different browsers and mobile screens through it. If you are looking for your project’s compatibility across multiple devices and browsers, Karma is a sure shot tool.

  • Test Code in Real Browser
  • Test Code in Multiple Browsers
  • Execute Codes Locally and on Every Save
  • Supports All Major Browsers
  • Automatically Generate Coverage Report


Jasmine is an open source tool that runs run on any JavaScript-enabled platform. It uses BDD (Behavior-Driven Development) in addition to TDD (Test-Driven Development) with few customizations. It is typically combined with Karma: Karma as the test runner, Jasmine as the test system. Jasmine naturally reviews all the JavaScript classes and works to tell you the unhandled code. The downside is it doesn’t know which condition (programs) the test performed, however, Karma makes up for disadvantage.

  • It makes Angular Development Arsenal easy
  • Provides better Testing and Debugging


It doesn’t matter whether you are developing AngularJS web apps for a client or yourself, it’s better to use the right set of tools for enhanced productivity and potential.

By the way, which s your favourite AngularJS tool?

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