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With continuous support from the PrestaShop community, users, and developers, the latest version, PrestaShop version 8.0 Beta has some significant improvements. The version number changes, but the ease of upgrading to 1.7.8 and 8.0.0 continues.

If everything goes well with this beta version, the most advanced PrestaShop upgrade will soon be available for businesses of every scale. The official website has planned to release the final version worldwide if no major issues arise with the beta version.

With this new release, the team of Prestashop developers are confident that users will find many improvements as it comes with 130 bug fixes.

This is a list of all the bugs fixed in previous releases, including:

  • The issue of allowing customers to order an out-of-stock product.
  • Whenever a customer signs in, an empty cart is created.
  • Canonical links are used to eliminate the referral of system load, and they should appear on every website page.
  • An error message was logged every time an order was paid, even though there was no error.
  • The customers weren’t able to set up a customer account using the form at the bottom of their order confirmation pages.

Note: This beta version is pre-release software and may cause issues when you update your store. So, prepare yourself for possible glitches.

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Main New Features & Improvements

The main features of the Prestashop 8.0 Beta version include:

  • It’s updated to Symfony 4.4. LTS & PHP 8.1.
  • An enhanced experimental product page for shops
  • Security enhancements
  • Modules management

Let’s explore these new features in detail.

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Symfony 4.4 and PHP 8.1

PrestaShop 8 is now compatible with Symfony 4.4 LTS & PHP 8.1.

Note:  Symfony 4.4 LTS is supported until November 2023 & PHP 8.1 is supported until November 2024.

Improved Product Page

This version has significantly improved the experimental back office product page introduced in 1.7.8. Not only is the page reorganized, but significant improvement is also made in combination management. In addition, the bulk edition is enhanced too.

Note: The product page feature is still in the experimental phase and fails to facilitate all the features otherwise available on the product pages. So it remains deactivated by default. However, activating the experimental product page is easy and involves just a few clicks.

Follow the path: Advanced parameters > Experimental features.

Once you reach the experimental features, you need to activate them for implementation.

Security Page

The new Security page in the Advanced parameters section of your webshop’s settings allows you to set a password policy for customers and employees. In addition, security settings will enable shop administrators to manage user sessions and configure their password policy.

Modules & Module Management

Originally, Addons Marketplace was a part of the PrestaShop package which made it a commercial product. However, with this new release, Prestashop does not include Addons Marketplace by default. Rather, it has been designed as a separate module and can be integrated into the Prestashop via installation. Thus, to leverage any module purchased from Addons Marketplace, you need to install it first.

Note: Module distribution has been re-architected to use dedicated infrastructure. You can install and update them directly from the Module Manager page.

You can choose from various modules, including the following:

    • Top-sellers block
    • Brand list
    • Cash on delivery
    • Products in the same category
    • Mail alerts
  • Google Analytics
  • New products
  • Specials block
  • Supplier list
  • Viewed products block
  • Distribution API client

The installation process for PrestaShop 8 is quite simple, and you can choose which modules will best suit your needs during the installation.

If you want a simplified upgrade process, contact our experts today.

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