eCommerce Store Needs a App

“For any business, large or small, not to have an eCommerce strategy is a big mistake.”

As quoted by William M.Daley, the statement clearly reflects the importance of adopting effective eCommerce strategies.

With a simultaneous increase in eCommerce websites and mobile apps, the retail landscape relies on a standard of immediacy. With people spending more time on their smartphones, retailers need to adapt to accommodate the universal shift towards mobile preference. In other words, branching out into the mobile app market is a win-win for retailers. Along with providing super-ease, mobile apps provide retail brands with an opportunity to give consumers the immediate, personalized shopping experience they prefer. At the same time, retailers can also leverage mobile features and in-app analytics to attract, retain, and intuitively understand the purchasing behavior of their customers. Ignoring this segment means ignoring a huge chunk of customers who are willing to make a purchase.
However, let’s comprehend some more benefits that you will experience with a mobile app for your eCommerce store.

Enhanced User Engagement
In the era of smartphones, providing your users with an app that uses their mobile features, enhances customer engagement and drives loyalty. Moreover, it will allow them to shop anytime, anywhere.

You can also have the following features in your app in order to drive more engagement:

  • Audio Search: You can help your customers to find the desired product and simplify their search process with the help of their voice.
  • GPS: This feature will enable in finding out the customer’s location. This, in turn, saves the task of adding shipping information manually, thus saving customer’s time and effort. It will also direct the user to the nearest physical store of your brand, if any.

Easier, Faster and Secure Payments
When you develop a mobile app, you can include secure payment options and program the app to remember these options for subsequent shopping experiences. This streamlines the buying process for the user and makes things easier on your end as well. Usually, buyers get discouraged when a buying process gets too complex leading to a high cart abandonment rate. You definitely don’t want that.

Furthermore, it’s possible to simplify payments with the help of several options available in the market including Apple Pay or Google Wallet – so users can go shopping without credit cards and fear to lose them.

Push Notifications
Mobile apps let you deliver a streamlined, personalized experience for each device, including Android smartphone, tablet, iPhone or iPad.

One way to develop push notifications can be location-based beacons: so that whenever your customers get near one of your brick and mortar stores, you can give them special offers and remind them of your presence.

Notifications can also be issued when you need to unload some merchandise and run a special sale or offer a promotion to spread the word about a new item.

Without an app, integrating push notifications to boost sales stands impossible. Reason being: the hardware feature based on GPS, secure connection and some API isn’t available for websites.

Increased conversion rates
The combination of a satisfying UX, simple navigation and usability lead to high conversion rates. As discovered in research by Criteo, mobile apps increase the percentage of users who complete the desired action as compared to desktop and mobile websites.

As a result, eCommerce app conversion rates are three times higher than for mobile websites and one-and-a-half times higher than for desktop sites. In addition to this, customers who access your store through an app are likely to view 4.6 times as many products as they would in their mobile browsers owing to optimized item display. Lastly, average order value in apps is 140% and 130% higher than on mobile sites and desktop sites respectively.

So what are you waiting for?

Get in touch with an applaudable mobile app development company and get your eCommerce right!

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