MEAN Stack & JS Framework

MEAN stack is a JavaScript-based platform that facilitates the development of quick, feature-rich and efficient web applications. An acronym for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJs, and Node.js, MEAN is a powerful platform that allows development of high-end hybrid apps that are great at handling server-side operations as well as client-requests. We at Nethues understand how critical it is for a business to have a powerful web application that would help widen the reach and get a strong market standing. Our team of developers efficiently utilize all the resources to deliver robust web application for your business.


With a dynamic schema, MongoDB allows quicker data sharing for applications that are fast and easy to use.


JavaScript powered web application framework, Express JS is deployed as a server-side framework for high-performance applications.


A great choice for developing high-end web applications, Angular JS is a Client-side framework used for developing front-end applications.


Powered by Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, Node.js is an open-source platform for the development of cross-platform apps.

A Platform For Building Web And Mobile

Meteor JS is a popular platform for developing applications that become a hit among the users. An easy to use platform it furnishes a pleasurable experience for both the developer and the end-user. Connect with us for a free consultation and see what this modern platform can do for your business.

Meteor js

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