Great news, Presta sellers! It’s time for another PrestaShop upgrade.

The new PrestaShop version has just been released, and it comes with some significant improvements.

If you’ve been struggling with your store lately – or if you’re simply looking to stay up-to-date with the latest security patches – then we suggest downloading this new version immediately.

Being from the family of version 1.7.8.X, it has got everything from an amazing speed to robust security to enhanced stability. However, like all PrestaShop versions, it does treat the bugs and errors of its predecessor.

This news update covers everything that’s been fixed and improved in this new PrestaShop version So, keep reading to know.

Front-Office after PrestaShop Update


  • The .browserslistrc file in the themes folder has been removed.

Bugs Fixed

  • Remove address creation and duplicate error messages in the account.
  • ‘Out of Stock’ label displaying even when the stock management is disabled.
  • Hooks are added for the blockwishlist in the classic theme.
  • Update function ‘getcustomerorders’ to avoid error is added.
  • Avoid Notice: Trying to access array offset on the value of type bool.
Want a Seamless Shopping Experience for Your Customers



  • Fixed incompatibility of private property in PS
  • Upgrade PrestaShop modules
  • Bump modules (`blockwishlist` to 2.1.0, `ps_facetedsearch` to 3.8.0, `ps_imageslider` to 3.1.1)
  • Request PrestaShop/blockreassurance 5.1.0 for
  • Localization: Update latest wordings for 178
  • Tests: Pin setup-gcloud to v0 instead of master (backport of #27974)


  • Add missing translation domains in AdminController
  • Tests: Fix nightly 27-04-2022 – Fix random error on maintenance test
  • Tests: Fix nightly – Add iteration to search newsletter module from the module catalog page

Bugs Fixed

  • Remove useless sensio/distribution-bundle composer scripts
  • Add SQL script
  • Web Service: Fix Update attachment Webservice
  • Installer: Fix Dockerfile for local image generation in-branch 1.7.8.x under Linux

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Back Office after PrestaShop Upgrade

Bugs Fixed

  • Increase maximum country state name length from 32 to 80 characters
  • Handle empty outstanding_allow_amount field
  • Discount is not visible on the customer group form
  • Remove unwanted char
  • Change the way that smarty is escaped to avoid exceptions when parsing
  • Fix header on default pages on mobile
  • Return a change that caused an issue with mass actions on the lists

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Closing thoughts

The PrestaShop team has been hard at work, and being a PrestaShop partner agency, we are happy to see the release of our latest version, This new version does include several bug fixes and improvements, so be sure to update as soon as possible.

As always, if you have any questions or need help with the upgrade process, our certified PrestaShop developers are here to assist you.

Have a great eCommerce 🙂

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