Time &Material Model

Giving customers flexibility in terms of developing project specifications on an ongoing basis & modifying those specifications as per the changing market needs.

Time and Material Based Pricing

Based on resource consumption during the project span, Time and Material (T&M) is suitable for projects with constantly-evolving scope and requirements or the ones whose end product can't be predicted on the initial stages. The model is highly flexible with the ability to use an hourly, weekly or monthly rate for the amount of work done and resources or material utilised during the development process.

Among the different engagement models, Time & Material (T&M) is gaining more and more popularity, since it allows more control over the development progress and cost, instead of taking an educated guess at eventual expenses and high probability of additional overpriced changes.

The advantages

How it works

As soon as you choose our T & M model, we assign an expert team/resource based on your project requirements. Your inputs and considerations are taken at each stage since the model is all about flexibility and constant changes and advancements during the project course.

Adding to this, we follow a sorted management process based on daily/weekly reporting, without any interruptions. Finally, the client is charged on the basis of hours dedicated by each resource.

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